Annual Appeal Fall 2018

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HOW DOES $25,000 BECOME $50,000?

Friends Jane Carlin and Ben Gifford have made a generous challenge to the Bartlett Arboretum community: If we can raise at least $25,000 during our Fall Annual Fund drive, they will donate $25,000 to support our children’s education programs and camp scholarships.

It takes a lot of gifts, big and small, to support the quality education programs we offer, including STEM education for all Stamford 2nd graders and quality nature-based summer education programs for children from Inspirica. The 5,000+ children we serve each year on our 93 acres of hiking trails, plant collections, and majestic trees will be the future stewards of the Arboretum and our environment.

Your support is critical to our continued success.


What lifts a child’s spirits better than sunshine, and a place to play and learn in a safe, consistent, non-judgmental environment?

There was a lot to see and experience this summer: thousands of bees buzzing from flower to flower, tadpoles and frogs in Forsyth Pond, walking trails teeming with squirrels, foxes, and chipmunks, snakes and turtles in the wetlands, and vegetables ripening in the children’s garden.

What if you were a child without a home or consistent lifestyle, and were frightened to go in the woods because you’ve never been? Through your generosity, Bartlett Arboretum was able to provide the amazing experiences that put wonder in a child’s eyes and opened them to the awesome place we sometimes take for granted on planet Earth. For some children, it’s their first time “in the country” and their first experience as carefree kids just having fun.

Your donations bring STEM education to all 1,500 second graders in the Stamford Public School System. Students visit us in the fall and again in the spring to learn about plants, seed dispersal, soil, and the natural environment. We also serve more than 3,500 additional children through summer camp and afterschool programs offered to local organizations that work with underserved youth. These programs provide children with a welcoming and safe opportunity to play, learn, contemplate and build community, and promote responsible stewardship of the land. We are growing the next generation of environmental stewards. Please help us continue to expand these outstanding educational offerings. Our small, dedicated staff achieves a lot with a little.

By responding to Jane’s and Ben’s challenge, you are helping ensure that children have the opportunity to learn about our environment and understand the importance of preserving it for the future. Thank you for your generosity,