Annual Appeal Fall 2017

Daniel bug eyes 1%5b1%5d.JPG

While many campers were head-over-heals about our creepy crawly pals, Daniel was a bit hesitant during our Eco-Explorers Summer Nature Program.


Daniel was happy to learn that some insects, like butterflies and ladybugs, are "friends" of flowers. He wasn't ready to catch any bugs yet, preferring to watch from afar as the other children used nets to catch everything from katydids to moths. 

Daniel had a change of heart when campers learned about an insect's eye. To help students appreciate compound vision, we played a game of catch using "bug goggles" that allow the wearer to experience an insect's vision. Daniel had so much fun pretending to be a bug, and attempting to catch the ball with his goggles on! By the end of the day, Daniel declared bugs are awesome! 

Through your generosity, we are able to provide STEM education to all 1,500 second graders in the Stamford Public School System. Students visit us in the fall and again in the spring to learn about plants, seed dispersal, soil, and the natural environment. We also serve more than 3,500 additional children through summer camp and afterschool programs offered to local organizations that work with underserved youth. These programs provide children with welcoming and safe opportunity to play, learn, contemplate and build community, and promote responsible stewardship of the land. We are growing the next generation of environmental stewards. 

Our friend, Rick Silver, has made a generous challenge to the Bartlett Arboretum community: If we can raise at least $25,000 during our Fall Annual Fund drive, Rick will donate $25,000 to support our children's education programs and camp scholarships. 

Please help us to continue and expand these outstanding educational offerings. Our small, dedicated staff achieves a lot with a little. By responding to Rick's challenge, you are helping to ensure that children like Daniel have the opportunity to learn about our environment and understand the importance of preserving it for the future.