Eco-Explorers delve into several investigations over the course of the summer.  They are nature detectives, grow masters and cooks. . Together we will ask questions, carry out experiments, and discover all the Bartlett has to offer, from wetlands, to gardens, and everything in between.


Eat What You Grow and Swamp Surveyors

FULLY BOOKED - June 26 - June 30 (week 1):  Get your hands messy! Dig in the dirt as we plan and plant our own vegetable garden. Spend time in our swamp and pond looking for plants and critters!


Grow-Masters and What’s Up With Water? (3-day session)

July 5 - July 7 (week 2): Do you have what it takes to be a grow master? Join us as we help our seedlings grow. Conduct tests with the same tools scientists use in their labs every day!  


Plant Protectors and Insect Investigation

July 10 - July 14 (week 3): Learn to be ‘plant protectors’ this week! Discover what it takes to protect plants from creepy crawly friends. Catch insects, and explore the world as if you were one of them!


Using Trash as Treasure and Plant Life Private Eye

July 17 - July 21 (week 4): Apple cores and banana peels. Other people’s “trash,” but our compost! As private investigators, see what’s growing in the Bartlett backyard.  


Culinary Creations and Mystery Masters

July 24 - July 28 (week 5): From salsa to sweet treats, make delicious creations from ingredients in our gardens. Bring your thinking hat to solve many mysteries...


Global Green Thumbs and Nature Detectives

July 31 - August 4 (week 6): Test out your global green thumb in the greenhouse and the garden. Calling Sherlock Holmes! Investigate what animals are living at the Bartlett.


Animal Extravaganza

August 7 - August 11(week 7): The Bartlett is home to amazing plants AND incredible animals. Learn all about the critters who call this place home. Visit our swamp, pond, stream, and gardens to find many of our animal friends. 


Happy Harvest Time and Time Warp Wonder

August 14 - August 18 (week 8): Celebrate a great growing season as we harvest from our garden. Spend afternoons exploring how the Bartlett swamp and pond get ready for the fall season!


Extended Day (until 6:00 p.m.) is available for all camps: add $180 per week (members & non-members).  Preregistration required.  Late fees apply after 6:00 p.m. ($6 every $15 min). Click here to add extended day to your selections.