Plant Sale

This is a very special plant sale! Of course you will be tempted by an alluring selection of native perennials and shrubs. You will be enticed by the sight and scents of our herbs and veggies. But you might also take home a Bartlett Heritage Heirloom: For one day only, Bartlett Japanese Maples and Eastern White Pine will be available – tree saplings that are offshoots of original Bartlett trees! So will Clethra alnifolia and other natives found and nurtured right here on the grounds.Among so many choices!

And for those of you who think you’ll never have a green thumb? Think again! It’s all about the right plant in the right place. At this very special plant sale let UConn-certified Master Gardeners help you make the best choices for your needs:

  • Sunny spots  
  • Shady spots  
  • Butterfly-friendly  
  • Bee-friendly
  • Bird-friendly  
  • Drought Tolerant  
  • Deer resistant  

We have plants for all your gardens!

Also visit the “Bart Boutique” for flower-themed and garden items!