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Backyard Gardening Series - Vegetable Gardening

Join us and learn how to plan your vegetable garden. In this class our instructor, Eve Mauger will discuss the best vegetables for home gardens in this area, along with tips for a successful home garden, starting with the first peas traditionally planted on St. Patrick’s Day to the last garlic planting in November.

Location: Silver Educational Center
Cost: Non-Member $30 and Member $20

Instructor Bio: Eve Mauger
Originally from South Africa, Eve has lived in Seattle and most recently in Darien for the last twenty years. She received her Master Gardener Certificate in 2000 and is a landscape designer with a degree from the New York Botanical Garden. For the last eight years, she has overseen the large vegetable garden at the Bartlett, working with other master gardeners on a weekly basis, growing a vast amount of vegetables in the well organized raised beds.

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