Orchid Collection

"Orchids Teach us Patience" - Author Unknown

The orchid collection at the Arboretum has waxed and waned over the years, and while it lacks in numbers, it packs a punch in diversity and flowering. With as many as 15 genera in the late 1990s, the orchids represent both cool-and warm-loving plants. Many growth habitats are represented, from upward growing Phalaenopsis to outward growers like Cattleya. Many in the collection are epiphytes, which grow on the trunks or branches of trees, not in the soil. Patience is required from the orchid grower. Some of the orchids have flowers lasting for months, while others only last for a few days. 

This winter we have a large collection of orchids in the Greenhouse at the Barlett Arboretum & Gardens. They are being carefully attended to by our Master Gardeners!  

For tips and tricks, we recommend visiting the American Orchid Society website to learn orchid care information. They even have a seasonal orchid care checklist. Learn about the November/December to-do list.

Join us on December 16 for the American Orchid Society Northeast Judging Center Orchid Auction. Plants from the private collections of AOS judges will be auctioned off. Learn More

Credit: Information regarding the orchid collection at the Bartlett was from the book "Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens" by S. Jane von Trapp. Published by Arcadia Publishing, Charleston, South Carolina. Books are available to purchase at the Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens.