Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens + Yoga = Happiness!

Take a stroll through the perennial gardens, breath in the fresh air, roll out a yoga mat, and stretch with the birds and the trees on the trails.

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Have you tried Yoga at the Bartlett? Did you know that we offer Sunday morning 9 am yoga hikes with Viki Boyko. It's a  fantastic way to start your day in a beautiful natural serene setting. 

The yoga hike journey begins with finding a comfortable place to roll out your mat onto the soil and settling into some gentle yoga poses. Connect back to earth with simple stretches and poses.

Then continue the yoga in the trails finding different places to interact with nature. Perhaps a downward dog on a log? A gentle stretch along the boardwalk bridge?

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Your busy mind will be silenced as you hear the sounds of birds in the woods, wind in the trees and water gently flowing in the streams. Your soul will connect with nature as you walk and hear the crunch of the rocks and tree branches below your feet. Forest sounds — birds chirping, rustling leaves — have a  calming effect.

According to a recent New York Times article, “'Forest bathing,' " or immersing yourself in nature, is being embraced by doctors and others as a way to combat stress and improve health.”

So next time you need a little break from life and concrete, how about Sunday morning yoga at the Bartlett?  Come into the woods and let nature heal you! 

For more information, please visit  or contact the Yoga instructor, directly at No registration necessary. The class will not be held in inclement weather. Member and non-Member rates apply.


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