Herbs, Potions, & Concoctions

July 2, 3, 5, 6 (4-day week), Entering Kindergarten to Entering 5th Grade

Use plants to make secret potions! Spend time in the Bartlett’s beautiful herb garden – and use the plants we harvest in creative ways. $320 (members discount: 15%)

What concoctions can you make? Using the natural world around us as inspiration, we will create “spells and potions,” for fun, not to mention get our hands busy crafting using what we find in the gardens. From art projects, to herb based snacks, and fantasy nature stories, this will be a busy (but fun!) week. A pinch of lavender, a dash of mint, and a few rosemary leaves… What will you whip up this week?

· Create your own magic wand using natural materials.

· Put together a potion to make slime!

· Make herb candy picked fresh from our garden.