Junior Explorers discover a new theme each week, which is tied to the plants and animals that live at the Arboretum.  We’ll roam the Bartlett’s grounds from swamp to forest to greenhouse.  Along the way we will create art, complete hands-on investigations indoors and out, have lots of time to play, and enjoy nature together!

Wetland Wonders

FULLY BOOKED - June 26 - June 30 (week 1):  Get wet and muddy exploring different aquatic habitats at the Arboretum.  Wade in our stream, observe plants and animals in our wetlands, and learn all about water.


Nature Detectives (3-day session)

 July 5 - July 7 (week 2): Investigate mysteries in nature all around us.  Use natural materials for building projects, science tools and design experiments to find answers to our questions.  


Incredible Insects!

July 10 - July 14 (week 3): Insects (and other invertebrates) are all around us!  Get up close and personal with boneless critters indoors and out.

Fabulous Forests

July 17 - July 21 (week 4): Explore our forest from top to bottom.  Enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and digging in the soil to learn about the plants and animals that live in our forest.  


Herbs, Potions, and Crafts

 July 24 - July 28 (week 5): Learn all the ways we use plants.  Spend time in the Bartlett’s beautiful herb garden – and use the plants we harvest in creative ways.


Plants Around the World

July 31 - August 4 (week 6): Explore plants from around the world in the Bartlett greenhouse.  Learn about our desert and rainforest collections and make your own mini-rainforest (terrarium) to bring home!


Animal Extravaganza

August 7 - August 11(week 7): Calling all animal lovers!  Roam the Arboretum to learn about different kinds of animals. Enjoy special animal visitors.


Incredible Edibles -- Grow Your Own Food!

August 14 - August 18 (week 8): “Dig in” to food crops!  Harvest from our vegetable garden, create garden-inspired crafts, and prepare and eat a variety of snacks.


Extended Day (until 6:00 p.m.) is available for all camps: add $180 per week (members & non-members). Preregistration required.  Late fees apply after 6:00 p.m. ($6 every $15 min). Click here to add extended day to your selections.