Secret Head Scavenger Hunt

These hidden Heads won't be found with ease

Unmarked amid trails, rocks or trees!

Scavengers with an eagle eye

Spy secret faces concealed nearby

See below for clues, if you please.....

Happy Hunting!

Clue #1

head photo 5.jpg

Between the brook and Brook Trail

on a beech tree with bark, dark and pale,

A Tree Guardian watches over

The carvings below her

Thinking they tell quite a tale!

head photo 2.jpg

Clue #2

The Tulip Tree, Magnoliaceae,

Stands amidst Mehlquist majestically

Her deep grooved bark

Hides a bit of a lark

A Tree Guardian looks down on thee!

head photo 3.jpg

Clue #3

A Dawn Redwood south of Mehlquist,

Near where the paths take a twist,

A Tree Guardian graces

One of our favorite places

Amidst the moss, the lichen and mist.

head photo 1.jpg

Clue #4

Yew never thought you might see

A Tree Guardian with such beauty

On a recumbent limb

Under the shade in the dim

Peering down at you thoughtfully.

head photo 4.jpg

Clue #5

Northwest of where Red and Yellow Trails meet,

On a tree that’s accomplished a feat.

It’s grown exceptionally tall

And has a Tree Guardian very small

Just waiting for hikers to greet!


Clue #6

From the Wetlands Walk south on Hemlock

There is a massive large rock

Don’t take it for granite

It’s not from another planet

A Rock Guardian admires your walk


Clue #7

Between gardens Arch and Sundial

Near Alice’s fern garden aisle

A majestic Red Oak has a fun little bloke

Peering over the garden, watching folk,

Who is sure to make you smile.


Clue #8

In a sham Cypress tree

An observant person might see

In the heart of a knot

An imp hidden in a nice spot

Mischievously smiling at thee!