School & Group Programs

The Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens offers developmentally appropriate, nature-based programs aligned to both Connecticut State Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.  Our forested trails, wetlands, gardens, and greenhouse are extraordinary settings for learning. We also bring our programs directly to schools and after school settings. Our programs are hands-on, inquiry-based, and designed to complement and extend students’ classroom learning. Come join us, feel inspired, and get connected with the natural world.

If you are interested in scheduling a school trip to the Bartlett or an offsite program, please contact our Education Director Mike Belletzkie at 203 883-4035 or 

Should you wish to bring your students to the Bartlett for a self-guided visit, please contact the education department.  There is no charge for self-guided visits, however for safety reasons it is important for us to know when groups are onsite.

2019-2020 Programs

Below is a sampling of 2019- 2020 programs. We are also happy to collaborate with you to design a customized program that meets your students’ needs. Click here to download our brochure. 

Tree Tour

Winter/Spring  All about trees! Through games and exploration, learn about how trees grow and meet some of the most unique trees at the Arboretum. Reflect on why trees are so important. Practice using scientific tools to identify some of the trees on our property.

A Trip to the Underworld

Winter/Spring  Decomposers: Nature’s best secret agents! Find out who they are, what they do, and try to uncover some outside! Have fun exploring our compost piles and worm bin. Learn about composting and how those secret agents put nutrients back in the soil.

Greenhouse Green Thumbs

Winter  Our spectacular Greenhouse is teeming with plant life even if the grounds outside look bare and snow covered. Come join us for a lesson all about our exotic plants and feel like you're in a tropical location -- in the middle of winter! Pot up a seed to take home.

Wetland Ecology

Fall/Spring  Frogs or dragonflies, salamanders or diving beetles, the Arboretum pond is filled with life. Explore this habitat and get up close by using magnifying glasses and pond nets to meet these critters! Advanced students will conduct water quality tests.

Flower Power!

Spring  It's a pollination palooza here at the Arboretum! Examine blooming flowers up-close, learn about pollination, what it involves, and see it in action on our grounds! Have fun dissecting a flowering plant and playing a pollination game, too.

Bee Basics

Spring  If you're buzzing for an exciting program, this is the one for you! Investigate our honeybee hive, and handle the tools that real beekeepers use! We also will take a walk around our beautiful grounds to see these amazing creatures in action!

1 hr - $120 / 1.5 hrs - $180 / 2 hrs - $240

Our programs are written for the following age groups: K-2, 3-5, 6-8. We can adapt any program for younger or older students as well as for students with special needs. Specify desired program length and age/needs of your students at time of scheduling.